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Next Recruitment Cycle is Fall 2019!

Bruin Shelter would be delighted to have you on our team to help further alleviate the struggles homeless individuals face on a daily basis! Our shelter fully operates on volunteer support, so we are always looking for passionate and dedicated bruins to help us out. We generally have application cycles every Fall and Spring quarter. Unfortunately we are NOT recruiting at this time, however please make sure to check back with us in Fall 2019 and visit our table at the Activities Fair. See you there!

Volunteer Roles:

Shelter Staff Role

Shelter staff oversee daily operations at the shelter. As a shelter staff member, you will be tasked with running overnight shifts (7 pm – 7 am) with two other members about twice a month (for a total of 5 per quarter), however volunteers will be allowed to sleep at midnight once all duties have been completed. These duties include taking attendance of nightly residents, making dinner for the residents/staff, sharing a meal together, handling logistics, ensuring the safety of all occupants, locking and unlocking the shelter, and maintaining general upkeep of the shelter. Staff members are integral to daily shelter operations, therefore requiring individuals who display responsibility, management skills, and a passion for addressing youth homelessness!


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